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October 28, 2008

Everglades Restoration

The Everglades in Florida is a World Heritage Site, International Biosphere Reserve and an American Bird Conservancy designated Globally Important Bird Area because of its important population of shorebirds, waders, pelicans, dowitchers, willets, plovers, egrets, spoonbills and other birds as well as the American crocodile and Florida panther. Diversion of water from the Everglades for agriculture has caused bird populations of wading birds to plummet from 250,000 to 20-30,000 today. The State of Florida has announced its intention to buy 187,000 acres of land adjacent to the Everglades to help reestablish the flow of water from Lake Okeechobee trough the Everglades to Florida Bay. This land purchase is an important step in halting the destruction of the Everglades and beginning its restoration.

If you have never been to the Everglades for birding you should plan a trip there. It is truly one the great birding areas in the world. For more information on the efforts to restore this important area visit www.evergladesfoundation.org for more information.

October 16, 2008

Osprey Rescue

Often people find injured birds and contact us for help in locating a bird hospital. We hear many different stories. A recent Audubon newsletter recounts an uplifting story of the rescue and rehabilitation of a young Osprey that was snatched from its nest on the Columbia River by a Bald Eagle. The mother Osprey went after the Eagle, who dropped the young Osprey into the river. The young bird, thrashing about, was swept into the river current while the parents circled helplessly overhead. A bird photographer who watched the Eagle attack flagged a passing boater who netted the struggling Osprey and brought it to shore. The bird was transported to the Audubon Wildlife Care Center in Portland. After twelve days of care it was released at the site it had first been seen. The fledgling started flapping its wings and soon after an adult Osprey from a nearby pair landed next to it. A truly uplifting story of a rescue, rehabilitation and return to its natural environment for this lucky young Osprey

October 06, 2008

Sanderlings in the Fall and Winter

Sanderlings are our mot common shorebird in the fall and winter. Nesting and breeding north of the Arctic Circle they move south down both the West and East Coasts to spend their winters foraging along our beaches. Some continue further south to South America until it is time to return to the Arctic in the spring. A beautiful bird you can watch on your winter beach walks. They form loose flocks foraging along the beaches for young clams and crabs. A few can be found inland along ponds and waterways. Keep an look out for them this winter.
Happy Birding


October 02, 2008

Fall Bird Feeder Cleaning

It has been raining all afternoon here in the Coast Range of the Pacific Northwest. These fall rains are a reminder to clean all the bird feeders. It is important to keep the feeders clean all year long because of the density of birds around feeders. Disease can spread easily. Clean feeders are especially important during the wet months when mold can grown so easily in the feeders.

Another sign of fall are the ripening apples. Our trees are laden with apples this season after last years "rest year" with few apples. The deer congregate in family groups under the apple trees especially after sunset. A wave of the flashlight from the front porch illuminates the eyes of many deer.

Happy Birding!

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