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May 02, 2011

Nesting Urban Red Tail Hawk

For 5 breeding seasons a pair of Red=Tail hawks have been nesting on the fire escape of a downtown Portland Or office building. KGW-TV Channel 8 and Portland Audubon have teamed up for the 5th season of Raptor Cam. You can go to their website www.kgw.com and follow this pair of Red-Tails and their nest on the web. Bookmark KGW's site and follow the nest through out the spring.

May 01, 2011

Shorebirds On the Move

This weekend was the annual Shorebird Birding Festival at Grays Harbor on the Washington coast with many birding field trips, lectures, art displays and thousands of shorebirds migrating to their breeding grounds Canada and Alaska. many birders are attracted to this wonderful opportunity to see so many species of shorebirds and in great numbers. The birds migration back in the summer is spread out over a longer period of weeks so lacks the concentration of birds for viewing. The Long Beach penn. a little further south was great too with very few people on the northern end and clouds of birds moving along this long long sandy stretch of oceanside.. If you have never to this shorebird festival put it on your schedule for next year. Your can contact the Grays Harbor Shorebird Festival at shorebirdfestival.com

March 20, 2011

Spring Is Here

The calendar on my wall announces Spring with the day and night of equal length. Many birds have been feeling spring in the air for weeks now. Nature has its own calendar. On my birding walks through the coastal woods the Northern Flickers have been announcing their availability for mates, Turkey Vultures are soaring once again in the sky after their winter sojourn further south and clouds of Pine Siskins are in the tops of the alders. At night the frogs are noisy in spring chorus. Two weeks ago I took a lovely photograph of my house covered with 6 inches of freshly fallen snow. the yellow lights of home streaming out of the windows reflecting off of the snow contrasted nicely with the bluish tone of the sky and woods in the just before dawn light. Now it is but a memory with all the snow gone. The creek is full with snow melt water from higher elevations, the corkscrew willows are blooming and the screech owls are calling for mates at night. Soon the spring migrations of birds will increase. A good time to to check on the migration patterns of birds in your particular area and enjoy spring birding.

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